Are you good at repairing jewelry, furniture, or small appliances?  Are you a veteran “garage saler” who knows how to price items?  Does your interest lie in creating displays?  Are you an organized individual who would enjoy sorting, hanging, or steaming clothes?  Wherever your talents lie, etc can use you!

Join our etc family!

Volunteers are always needed and appreciated.  We are looking for three-hour commitments if possible, but you are welcome to work all day or any hours that work into your schedule.

Our volunteers are more than just coworkers; we are a close-knit group who enjoy spending time together, in and outside of the shop!

You don’t need to be scheduled to come and help! Just stop by anytime!

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Cashier
  • Clothing Labeler / Sorter / Pricing Coordinator
  • Floor Sales Person
  • Display Designer
  • Merchandise Receiver
  • Delivery and Pickup Personnel
  • Handyman/Repair and Maintenance


To join our team, simply fill out our Volunteer Form below (or pick up a form in the store and turn it in to one of our store managers.)

    Contact Information:

    Emergency Contact:


    (Please indicate the times of day you are available)







    Duties you would like to perform:

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